Principal & Co-founder

Erika Waters

When I first graduated with a marketing degree from Texas A&M, I never dreamed about owning a business. In fact, I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do, and a start- up company took and chance on me and gave me the title of Marketing Director and the sweet experience of entrepreneurship. Though it would be a few more years until BrightSpot Creative was founded, a creative spirit a desire to blaze my own trail have always been the driver of my career.

I love agency life. One minute I’m a creative director. The next I’m a media buyer. I’ll go to press checks in my swim suit after taking my kids to swim lessons, and my clients and I go to each other’s weddings and baby showers. There is so much diversity in the work I do each day, and so much hands-on work I do with everyone on our team and our clients, that there really is NO such thing as a dull moment…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s true; I am called the resident Disney Princess in our office. I can’t help but whistle while I work…literally. I’m naturally optimistic, sunny, and bright. I bring energy, and vision to the table. And can enroll the toughest people in the importance of messaging, paper, and design.

Clients count on me to bring energy to an idea, strategy to a vision and, of course, for knowing their business and their marketing inside and out. You wouldn’t believe the trivia I know.

I adore my two boys and my hubby. I love reading and aspire to be the voracious reader I once was—that is, before most of my “free” time was spent chasing a toddler with endless stores of energy. I get inspired by thought-provoking writing, arresting photography, and always by my faith.

I believe you should travel any and every chance you get. Even if the miles aren’t many, the adventure is always great. I also believe in letting your authentic self lead all of your relationships. Never apologize for who you are.