Open scene: Tax day 2016. Pity party in full effect. The checks were in the mail to the IRS and the hit was still stinging. Of course, we planned. We were prepared. But damn that tax bill is a bi-yatch…

Nonetheless, we are BrightSpot. So we popped a bottle of champagne and toasted the taxman. Cheers! Probst! Salùd! The dollars due are some measure of success anyway. Right? Right. At least that’s the silver lining we took as cause for celebration. Fast forward a few days and we found ourselves in conversation about the feels of our Tax Day party and the icks of adulting. From that collision of contrasting emotions came a major brainstorm.

They say true art is born from suffering. Turns out tax day and adulting provided excellent inspo. We hatched an idea we all loved. Then we got busy serving clients. Really busy. So, it has taken all this time to bring it to life. But it was a spark that never died. It’s actually quite apropos that we’re ready to share the love of our little passion project now that we’ve come back around to Tax Day. There’s really no better beginning. So, without further adieu, we give you, Happy Adulting.

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