There’s nothing more exciting than being a part of growing a business from the very beginning. That’s why some of our favorite clients are startups and entrepreneurs.

After doing interior design work on and off for friends and referrals (friends of friends) for a number of years, Amy Zee Haight decided to turn her side hustle into a full service interior design studio.

Scope of Work

One of the first orders of business was to develop a website, the core purpose of which was to serve as an online portfolio allowing potential clients to vet her style and design approach before scheduling an in-person meeting. From the beginning the look and feel of the site design, along with photography of Amy’s beautiful work, positioned the firm as top tier which actually facilitated growth into that space.

Project Stories

Amy believes that interpersonal chemistry is a driving factor in decision making for her clients. She also prefers working with, and wants to attract, likeminded clients. To that purpose, we set out to ensure Amy’s personality and approach shined through the design and content of the website, making the prospect’s experience online as close to meeting Amy in person as possible


In the first year following launch of the site, Amy’s business grew by approximately 65%.
Moreover, Amy estimates that using the website as a lead qualification tool has saved her, conservatively, a meeting a week. Given the hourly rate at the firm, time savings is literally money. In this case the estimated time/money saved was 4X the initial site investment.