Principal & Co-founder

Amy Dionne

As a founding partner and principal at BrightSpot Creative, a day in my work life includes networking, connecting with clients, strategizing, dreaming, and managing project production in collaboration with our team.

Life in the small agency world has afforded me the opportunity to avoid the proverbial pigeonhole as a “creative” or “account person.” In my career of now more than 20 years, I’ve held titles of both types—often on the same day. I’ve had the privilege of serving clients who work for companies that run the gamut from major hospital chains and publicly traded companies to start-ups.

Understanding challenges and producing creative approaches to address objectives is where my passions intersect. I began my career as a copywriter and maintain a passion for mixing words with visuals. I am a big picture thinker. I am all about the concept and big ideas. I also deliver on them.

As pragmatic as I am imaginative, I dig details, project logistics, schedules and to do lists—especially lists. I really like lists. Managing the many moving parts involved in getting the work we do from “what if?” to done is a creative process, too.

I appreciate great design for the art form it is. The more white space the better. I still love a smart print ad. Old school? Maybe. Gallery-worthy? I’d say so. Whether behind the lens or taking in the work of the professionals, a great photo lights me up. I could search photo libraries for hours if “they” let me.

I thought marketing was the greatest job on earth until I became a mom. Now it’s a close second. My daily dose of inspiration almost always comes from my two (not so little anymore) boys. Their view of the world not only inspires, but also provides perspective.

I am married to my high school sweetheart and when we aren’t sitting in the stands watching our boys play sports, we still love to see movies, hear live music, and enjoy good food.