If you sat down with us over a glass of wine and talked to us about working together and starting BrightSpot, the conversation would probably go a little something like this (A=Amy, E=Erika):

A: We just feed off one another. It’s like laying bricks. One idea builds on the next and the result is strong and sturdy.

E: I’d say it’s more like music notes working together to make a catchy melody.

A: Exactly. That about sums us up.

E: In all seriousness though (can you believe I’m the one being serious?), we each play different and vital roles on our team and for our clients. I’m big picture, visionary and can see clear cut ways to get from point A to point Z. But the truth is, there are lots of little things that have to happen in between, and Amy is brilliant at knowing what those are and navigating our team and clients through those processes. It’s truly a perfect balance.

A: And it’s those differences that make us a great team and great friends!

E: Yep! So great, that people often call us by the other’s name.

A: I will never forget when Erika and I first started working together and she came into my office in tears confessing that she had a type-o in an email to a client that we were working on together. I knew we were kindred spirits right then and there. And things just continued to grow from there. 

E: On our first assignment together we asked the client how he would measure success on the project.

A: He said, “Make it an award winner.”

E: We were like, ummm-hmmm But really. How will you know if it worked? Should it drive traffic to your site? Are you looking for more phone calls? What’s the overall objective here?

A: Right. But it did win an ADDY.

E: And got them some new business. So there you go.

A: And there it began.

E: Do you remember how we came up with the idea for that first campaign?

A: We were at a conference in Florida.

E: It was a beautiful outside and we had some downtime. 

A: You decided we should work by the pool. You had your head at the foot of a lounge chair and your feet elevated at the head. That’s how we know you’re in serious brainstorm mode. I’m almost certain there was a margarita involved.

E: You probably had your computer, a notebook, several writing instruments—highlighters, pens, pencils, sharpies…and likely a calculator, just in case.

A: I’m the scribe in such scenarios. You throw out big ideas. I fill in what happens in between. You go guns blazing. I press pause.

E: That’s what makes us work. I jump into one pool and then you say let’s go to a different one. You look at things from all angles…turn over every stone!

A: And when you jump, you take me with you. It’s always an adventure.