Welcome to The

Breakthrough Collective


Raise your hand if you’re working in your business daily but you’re dying to find time to work on the business of growing your business? Wishing you could find a minute to bring your ideas to life or take what you’re doing to the next level? Need someone to bounce ideas off, get real with, or ask how? 

Have you ever said to yourself, “Self, there MUST be another way!”

The Breakthrough Collective is the other way!

We get it and we’ve got you. We crave all the same things. And that’s why we created the Breakthrough Collective.

The Breakthrough Collective is an invitation-only peer group designed to create community, support growth, leverage costs, and pool business resources we can all use. This group cultivates accountability and promotes the kind of commitment it takes to really make a marked difference in your business. And that, dear friends, is our goal—BREAKING THROUGH to the next level! Whatever that looks like for you.








Small Business Owners (sole proprietors/partnerships)

MLM Business Owners

Anyone with side hustle, main hustle, or a business dream

Online/Traditional Businesses

Start-Ups/Established Businesses

The Magic Is Real

Have you ever wondered what magic wand other people are waving to do all the things? The secret is in dedicated time, accountability, and community. The Breakthrough Collective makes that happen.

Make it a point. Time and again.


What if you had a dedicated time every month for the next year to focus on the things you never seem to have time for in business? What kind of results could that consistency create?

Community is what counts


What if you had a small group of fellow entrepreneurs to focus on your big business to-do list with? What would be possible if you could share resources and experiences with a collective of trusted women? What would you learn?



First hand, face-to-face access to a game changing content and consulting. One thing could change everything about how you look at or run your business?



You’re invited to apply because we think you’re a fit. If you want to invite a friend, let us know.

Each month, over the course of a year, The Collective will meet to tackle big issues that we face in running our businesses like:

  • How to create an actionable marketing plan.
  • Tools you NEED to be using in your business.
  • Building processes that support work/life goals.
  • Balancing your business with everything else in your life. 
  • Branding ins and outs.

In addition to face-to-face meetings with like-minded women led by the BrightSpot team, you’ll also have access to a members-only Facebook page, receive monthly inspiration, tools, and outlines you can use, plus lots of other great perks. 

Did we mention it will be SUPER fun? We love to celebrate the things we do every day to run our businesses and we think you should be celebrated, too!

Join the Tribe!

We’re keeping this group small so we can connect and dig deep. If you are interested in joining, please fill out the quick application. We’ll review and then send more information shortly. Have a friend you think would be a good fit? Have them apply, too!

Our first meeting will take place at the end of March!

We Want to Share
What We Know!





We crave all the same things you do. We’re marketers and we’re business owners, too!

We believe marketing solutions are fundamental to a HUGE percentage of business challenges and success stories. We also know that it’s the thing that often gets left undone for so many reasons. And we will dedicate a part of each gathering to sharing marketing expertise that will allow you to DIY and look like a PRO.

We’ve also been around the block a time or two as entrepreneurs and learned some valuable lessons, tips, and tricks that we are dying to share with you.

Ladies, these are tricks of the trade we’ll only share with the inner circle. These tid-bits alone are worth the prices of admission.

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