The DifferenceMakers campaign is an example of where passion and profession intersected for our team and generated an exciting result.

Created by Houston’s First Baptist Church, DifferenceMakers was a vision, turned movement, intended to encourage and motivate church members to put their faith into practical action by intentionally seeking to make a meaningful difference to their communities. Building powerful communities is one of BrightSpot’s passion points! So we were completely enrolled in the vision and motivation behind this project.

Scope of Work

The DifferenceMakers project included developing a microsite that would act as an online resource and hub for the movement, digital advertising campaign to promote the initiative, and social media strategy to engage their audience.

Project Stories

Overall, digital advertising, including Facebook ads, delivered more than 25,000 clicks in just six months. Facebook ads contributed 13,000 of those clicks. On Facebook in particular, the call to action on the ads led people to forms to fill out, blogs to read, or resources to download and share. 9,768 unique users took action on those ads–a testament to the effectiveness of the campaign’s messaging, placement, and creative. In 6 months, the website was visited more than 35,000 times.