Does it ever seem like no matter what you do or say, there is always someone else doing or saying the same thing you are? There are so many times I think I’ve had an amazing thought or idea only to go on Instagram or Facebook and find that someone else is basically saying the exact. Same. Thing. Like we are all a bunch of look-alike pigeons.

But maybe “different” isn’t what it’s all about. Maybe customers aren’t really after the better mousetrap—maybe what they are really after is connection, authenticity, uniqueness in a relatable way—maybe that is the new different.

B2B, B2C, product or service…marketing boils down to compelling people to partake in an exchange, and at the core of that interaction, is a human with feelings who wants to be more than just a transaction or invoice number.

Yep. It sounds a little airy fairy, but the companies who are really getting ahead right now—the ones that seem to constantly be coming out on top are the ones who get this. They understand that it’s not just a product or service their market is purchasing, but the experience of the transaction, the experience they get from owning the product or having the service. To the company’s that grasp this, it translates to more than marketing benefits in a value proposition. Their marketing focuses about how they show up, where they show up, when they show up, how they are making their clients’ lives better in the process.

These are flamingos in a flock of pigeons. Not different by the color of their feathers, but because they are a completely different species.

How do you become a flamingo?

The answer is going to be different for everyone. But consider this. Sometimes they best way to connect with your client is by showing up in a way that connects with their purpose/mission—even if it doesn’t directly lead to the sale of your product/service. Some of the greatest examples of this are Johnson & Johnson’s “You’re Doing Ok Mom” spots, the P&G Olympics spots, and Mattress Mac/Gallery Furniture in their support of Houston’s Hurricane Harvey relief efforts (this guy is such an amazing guy—good to the core and the whole city knows it).

These are “big” examples. But don’t let that stop you. YOU can be a flamingo. Know your client. Know why they buy. Know what’s important to them. Know how to show up in their space and own it.

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