Our People are Number 1.

In 10 years of business, we’ve had many adventures, created great work, and learned valuable lessons to take with us into the next decade. The most valuable of which is the power of having the right people around you.

People are the most essential key to success and that’s why the #1 post – the last in our top 10 series – is dedicated to our incredible team of staffers, contractors, and specialists. People are the heart of any organization, and what makes even hard work fun.

The BrightSpot team includes a core group of experienced account managers and super-strategists that serve as client liaisons to keep all projects moving. There are a million stories about our work together. It would be impossible to pinpoint one as the moment when our team mattered more than any other. It has always been a team that has pulled together for every client and agency success. What makes our team work is that wine-time often follows work-time. And that we don’t know a line between work friends and just friends – we are all friends here.

From status meetings and client meetings to brainstorm sessions, happy hours, and dinners – or a brainstorm session that turned into a happy hour and ended with dinner – with out team, there is always laughter, a side conversation about life outside of the office, and a link in Slack to something funny.

What we know for sure is that we’re better together and collaboration is at the center of our model. 

Our account leaders partner with and direct a prequalified pool of specialists that come in to support specific project needs. We have selected the industry’s best to expand our creative service offering including expertise in graphic design, illustration, programming, SEO/SEM, advertising planning/placement, videography, photography, and more…

On staff, on contract, or partner firm, EVERYONE on board a BrightSpot project cares deeply about their work, brings a service mentality, and genuinely loves this thing we do called marketing.

We create wins for our clients with high standards, heart, and soul. We’re here for it. Whatever it is that we set out to do next. Want to be a part of our dream team? Drop us a line.