Building StoryBrands

At BrightSpot we believe messages matter more than any other tool in the marketing toolbox. The problem is too many marketers don’t give the message strategy the time and energy it deserves. As a result, some campaigns miss the mark and ultimately waste money. It’s such a shame!

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. Which is why we’ve always been message-driven at BrightSpot. We were content marketers before it was a thing. We love the art part, the power of placement, and the data that delivers results… but it all starts with the messages.

When we first got wind of StoryBrand we were interested in how the process could add value to the message strategies we had employed for years. We dipped our toe in with Donald Miller’s book Building a StoryBrand. Benefits, storytelling, the problem, the solution, the payoff, and the audience were all part of the process!

The book was speaking our language. So, we advanced to Business Made Simple University and explored further. In December of 2020, Amy became a Certified StoryBrand Guide. And in January of 2021, the entire BrightSpot team became one of just a few Certified StoryBrand Agencies in the country. It’s a badge we’re proud to wear.

At the end of our first full year looking through the StoryBrand lens, the 7-part framework has embedded itself into how we work, talk, and approach just about everything from client proposals to campaigns. Most importantly, it works!

At its core, the StoryBrand framework focusses first on creating clarity and then uses the proven power of story to engage audiences. The result is strategically crafted content that works. 

Are your messages crystal clear or do they create confusion? Does your story engage your audience? Find out! Call us. Or email us to schedule a message audit.