This Summer our Digital Specialist extraordinaire, Kelsey Smith, took the time to make her digital prowess Google official and completed certification exams in the area of Analytics and AdWords. With these requirements made official BrightSpot can now proudly claim Google Partner status.

What is a Certified Google Partner Agency, you ask?

Certified Google Partners are agencies who have a solid track record managing significant AdWords investments for their clients, while focusing on client growth. In choosing a Google Partner agency to manage your Google AdWords accounts, you can feel confident that the company is knowledgeable, and their customers are happy. At BrightSpot Creative, we’ve proven to demonstrate Google’s best practices as well as all of the requirements to become a Google Partner agency!

What we can do for you?

Knowing that Google believes in us is really just an indicator that you can, too.

At BrightSpot we take pride in offering digital services with transparency and helping our clients understand the work we’re doing on their behalf.  We use Google AdWords and Analytics to help businesses increase ROI, uncover insights and discover how people find your business. Google Partners keep up with the latest changes and trends in AdWords and Analytics and help maximize the budgets you’re comfortable with.

One of the greatest benefits of Google AdWords is that your ads are displayed to people already searching for your kind of business, which makes them more likely to take action. In other words, it’s not just about driving traffic to your site, it’s about driving the “right” traffic to your site to achieve your goals. As a Google Partner agency, BrightSpot can help you maximize conversions and increase ROI with our professional, certified knowledge of Google AdWords.

Want to know more or talk a little about how AdWords might help you reach your business goals? Give us a call or drop us a line.