Make the Most of Your Holiday Email Marketing

by | Jul 25, 2018

We know how valuable your time can get, especially around the holiday season. Make your life easier with an electronic greeting this year. Save on postage and capitalize on the opportunity to animate your message or even make it a video message. Did you know that video can be a great click driver? Our last email campaign received over 80% of its clicks on video content!

As you probably have experienced yourself, the holidays, in particular, are a popular time for inbox overload. How do you make sure your email doesn’t get lost in the shuffle? How do you maximize your invested time, energy, and budget?

If your company hasn’t already invested in a marketing automation tool, email services like Mail Chimp, offer tools in their software that can help you maximize your exposure with effective timing and analyze your greeting results.


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

To make sure your card isn’t buried in the onslaught of holiday email promotions, do a little research and determine the best time to send for your industry. Think about your customers and their email habits. And think about when competitors and other sites your clients might subscribe to are most likely to send emails. Try to determine the sweet spot where you’ll have your customer’s attention but aren’t fighting for it. If you’re having trouble nailing down the best time to send your holiday greeting, use Mailchimp’s “Send Time Optimization.” This tool helps to identify the send time that will result in the highest engagement based on your subscribers. 

Don’t Forget Your Santa Tracker

While you might not be selling anything directly from your holiday card, the ability to track individual open/click rate on your holiday campaign sets you up for success on tweaks for future campaigns and may even spur ideas for future targeting. The reporting Mailchimp provides will give you and your team hard evidence on who is opening your emails and who isn’t. You might be surprised. And now you have a reason to follow up, reach out, and continue the conversation that you didn’t have before…and you can do it very specifically.

No one has time and money to waste during the holiday season, make your campaign worth it the first time around! Need help creating a digital greeting strategy, integrating it into your social channels, leveraging the holidays to expand your market, distributing messages or analyzing results? Contact us. BrightSpot brands the holidays.