The One When Erika Goes to a Press Check in Her Bathing Suit…

When it comes to project deadlines, there isn’t much we won’t do to make sure they are met. And the thing is, sometimes client projects are on a different timeline than well, regular everyday life.

Seven years ago, work and home life collided…or splashed together in a rather comical way. A beautiful client project was on press. Multiple finishes and a rather large page count meant that press checks would happen every couple of hours for a solid 24 hour period. At BrightSpot we attend ALL press checks to ensure overall print quality and color accuracy.

Unfortunately, the exact time of each press check wasn’t known. But when the call comes in, you stop what you’re doing and go! We stuck close to our phones during that time period, ready to drop everything at a moment’s notice to head to the print shop.

One fateful Wednesday evening, Erika was on deck. Literally…for both press checks and at the pool with her then 2 year old for his weekly swim class. Apple watch strapped to her wrist, she helped her son kick, jump, and retrieve rings from the bottom of the pool. Naturally, that’s when the notification came…time to press check.

So, she jumped out of the pool, toddler in tow, wrapped towels around both of them and headed to the printer across town. With no time to change, she threw on a cover-up and with squeaky flip fops she (and her toddler) did the press check-in their bathing suits.

It’s one of our favorite stories at BrightSpot. Some people would have skipped just that one press check. But what if that press sheet was the one that had an issue? We don’t cut corners. And we’re deeply committed to our clients, their projects, and ultimately, their success. Sometimes that level of commitment happens to show up in a bathing suit!

Wondering what project it was? Check it out on our portfolio page here.