The One In Nashville 

It was 2013. We were attending a week-long business owners seminar in Nashville called Entreleadership hosted by Dave Ramsey. There’s so much we could say about how that week shaped our business but the story that stands out most from that time is more about the heart of our business than processes and procedures. 

One evening after the workshop we stumbled upon a young singer-songwriter trying to “make it” in a Nashville watering-hole. We listened to his set, visited for a bit, and learned he was a Texas boy from right outside Houston. 

We’re big believers in following your dreams. After all, that’s exactly what we have done. And we wanted to help this guy follow his. So, like a pair of mother hens, we emptied our purses of every last dollar we had in cash to fill his tip jar. We emptied our hubby’s wallets, too. To this day, the husbands’ memory is that it was “a little over the top.” Who can say for certain?

However, what is 100% true is that we are often inspired by people in pursuit of their dreams or promoting a good cause. And if there’s something we can offer to support a dreamer or a cause close to our heart, we often do.  

Through the years, we’ve adopted a couple of nonprofits we support with our time and skills. Our friends at Positive Works and Autism Rescue Angels are near and dear to our hearts. We’ve also been known to do some design work on the side for the elementary schools and churches in which we have a vested interest. 

Where our passions and work intersect is one of our happiest places.