The One Where We Got a New Address…

We’ve had a few offices in the past decade. All of them have their own quirks and special memories. But the one we look back at most fondly is the very first office – a.k.a, the kitchen table. 

When we first started out, nervous, anxious, and excited, we had no office. We wanted to keep overhead low. So we switched between Amy and Erika’s kitchen tables. Those were good times. Ironically enough, our whole team found themselves setting up home offices at kitchen tables during 2020. It felt nostalgic and scrappy and we love that to this day. 

Once we decided an official business address was a must, we landed our first space on South Boulevard. A quirky kite-shaped space presented a challenge for designing a functional workplace. But with the help of a great interior designer (who was also a client), we were able to turn it into something beautiful that worked for us. As we continued to grow and needed a place to put our growing team, we moved into a funky old house in Montrose. Problem was there were more than a few uninvited office mates that made their home there.  

This house was cool with lots of character, but we weren’t exactly fans of the possums, raccoons, and squirrels that made their homes in the attic…and (oh my gosh!) died in our walls! So we moved…again…back to South Blvd but to the building next door to the OG office. And this is the building we’re still in today. Well, most of us!

In 2019, Erika’s husband got a job opportunity he couldn’t pass up. The catch? It would take the Waters family to the Austin area. Never in our business discussions had we broached the topic of not working in the same city, in the same office. Never. So it wasn’t an easy discussion to have, but we figured it out and built a plan to make it an opportunity. Go back to this post for insight into how we worked through this transition successfully. 

So BrightSpot expanded in January of 2020. Erika’s family made the move to the Hill Country and what happened next we could have never imagined. Covid shutdowns and epic freezes were not in the game plan. Covid didn’t allow for the “grand opening” we had hoped for, but nonetheless BrightSpot is at work building a presence and client base in the Autin area now. 

The true beauty of what we do is that we can really do it anywhere. We’re Texas-based but our clients have always been spread coast to coast…literally from New Jersey to Napa.