I love the Burn the Ships reference Erika wrote about last week. Love it.

Isn’t that kind of commitment inspiring? When you light the match and hold it to the proverbial ship it does more than just take your commitment to the next level. True, there’s no turning back now. But more than that, a fire is burning!

Burning the ships isn’t about giving the team no choice but to come with you. It’s about being the kind of leader that inspires the team to join you.

Now, to be real about this, if I put myself in the shoes of Cortes I know what I’d be thinking the minute I burnt the ship. “What have I done?” Right? Would you do the same? It’s human nature. Our head plays games with us. Even in moments that are actually our finest.

While your brain is asking you if you did the right thing, here is what’s really going on. This is the truth. You’re likely inspiring someone around you with your boldness, courage, and determination. When you take a stand to fulfill a plan NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES, the people around you can see the flame fueling your fire.

So think of that moment of waffle as proof that you’re moving in the right direction. It likely indicates you’re in new territory, broadening a horizon or taking the road less traveled. That there, friends is a list of opportunities.

The best work, marketing or otherwise, is that which is generated in unchartered territory. If you want to break ground, you have to “go where no man has gone before.”

Go ahead. Risk greatness.  

If you need a dose of inspiration to forge ahead, watch this clip of pep talks done Hollywood style. We included it in a recent presentation BrightSpot developed for a client pitching their strategic business plan. Doesn’t it make you want to jump out of your desk chair and say, “yes!”